Steiner & Associates

Our mission is to look for a way where there is not at first sight

About us

Welcome to the law firm where attorneys understand your needs, communicate the language you understand and propose the solutions that are acceptable for you, while the office is in the city of Kosice, Slovak Republic.

Our work is based on the following principals:

The usual billing method for law firms is the billable hour where lawyers charge an hourly rate for each lawyer that works on your case. This model encourages inefficiency and unpredictability of the cost of legal services. Our lawyers are not judged by the hours they bill but rather the quality of the work and the relationship they build with our clients. We work on fixed fee budgets, caps, monthly retainers depending on the extend of the project and what works best for our clients.

We guarantee that our clients will never be surprised by a Steiner & Associates law firm legal bill.

We do realize how important are legal matters for our clients and therefore the client is the part of our team. Thanks to online legal practise management system each of our clients has permanent access to his/her legal matters. We always consult and explain intended legal steps with our client.

We take seriously purpose of the attorney as a person called for help. You will never experience that you will not be able to reach us, not even outside business hours or that you will wait for our reply longer than a day. Attorney business is the service and the service must be excellent. This is our motto that shapes the foundations of Steiner & Associates law firm.

Our focus

We focus on less to provide more

Corporate law

We provide legal services to small and medium-sized businesses that we accompany on their business route

Non-profit law

We have been working in the field of non-profit law for a long time and we are one of the leaders within the Slovak market.

Privacy law

At a times when privacy is in danger, it is essential to be in line with privacy laws.

Our team

We do things where the size is of no importance.