The law firm Steiner & Associates puts emphasis on the client’s needs by listening more and talking less when client explains the context of his legal matter.

We are looking for the most effective and the least painful solutions within the law in order to achieve the objectives of our clients, so that the legal services are not time consuming neither expensive. We are aware that you have been working hard on your business or assets, whether in a small or larger scale, and we are ready to help you defend your interests.

We adhere to the following 5 pillars on which the philosophy of the law firm Steiner & Associates stands when providing legal services.


First of all, we keep the basic principles of morality and we pride ourselves on integrity in both professional and private life. We think of the moral principles whenever we provide legal services to our clients.


Despite the fact that the work we do is not easy, we are trying to explain the legal issues in the simplest way as well as we always look for the simplest legal solutions.


We constantly educate and improve ourselves in legal areas of our focus by means of self-study, participation in conferences and communication with professionals in the areas concerned. Our client deserves the legal service at the highest professional level.


One of the basic attributes of a lawyer of a good quality is his consistency in formulating the strategy of the legal steps, therefore we put emphasis on precision and accuracy while providing legal consultancy to our clients..


Clever lawyer is always one step forward. We know this very well and that is why we help our clients avoid legal problems.